Only a few weeks ago we brought you the newest print to come from Hans Fouche and his company Fouche 3D Printing – a working acoustic guitar 3D printed on the company’s signature Cheetah printers.

While obviously just as capable as its wooden companion, the video showing off the print suffered from sub-par audio and we were left wanting. Luckily Fouche promised us a follow-up video with improved audio and he recently delivered with a new offering of the guitar being played in a recording studio by an artist.

As we learnt when Fender created a guitar out of cardboard, one of the biggest challengers with alternate-material guitars is the extreme stress placed on the neck by the strings. The Fender was under 114 kilograms of torque, and to make up the deficient here, this print is a tad beefier than its wooden counterpart. The guitar this print is based on – a Yamaha – weighs 2.2 kilograms while this comes in at 3.5Kg. The heavier weight doesn’t look to make it too unwieldy, though.

After working 3D prints of  a lawnmower and a car jack, Fouche is looking for the next challenge to put to his Cheetah 2 printer. If you have an idea for a challenging creation, send an email to fouche3dprinting [AT] gmail [DOT] com and we could be showing off your idea on this site very soon.