Outa is completely off the mark about The Department of Transport wanting to make etolls a fineable traffic offence under a South African road offences act as it’s nothing new, Sanral has hit back.

The alliance against etolls had in December urged South Africans to submit comment against amending the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO) to include outstanding etoll payments into the normal traffic fine and violations process.

According to Sanral, this view is uninformed and borderline fiction because failure to pay tolls has been an infringement under the AARTO legislation since 2008 and this includes provision for etolls, introduced in 2013.

The roads agency said it had only proposed the removal of demerit points for the failure to comply with a toll sign, which is actually a positive thing for motorists.

Outa “completely misunderstands the proposed changes and its dire warnings are misplaced,” Vusi Mona, Sanral’s general manager of communications, said in a statement.

In a comment submission Outa had sent to the department, it stated that some  of the reasons why the alleged proposed amendment would not work was because it proposed giving a motorist notice of multiple occurrences in a single sheet, rather than flagging each single offence up in the form of individual notices and that there would be no provision of photographic evidence of a motorist passing a gantry and not paying the etoll fee.

“South African administrative law states that a person must receive adequate notice of the intended action to be taken, including the basis for the action to be taken, and afforded an opportunity to make representations before any punitive measures are taken against them,” Outa had said.

According to Mona,”the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) proposes that AARTO notices should have room for notification of more than one infringement. This is legal. Should anybody wish to contest an infringement notice, photographic evidence on which this can be based, is available.”

“These are the facts. Thus there is no attempt to introduce any new provisions,” Mona concluded.

Outa is yet to respond to Sanral’s statement.

[Source – Sanral, image – CC JMK]