The latest low-cost smartphone from Alcatel ONETOUCH, the Pixi 3, could very well bring mobile internet to more people thanks to its R899 price tag.

The Android smartphone is running a modest dual-core 1GHz Cortex-A7 CPU and 512MB of RAM which may not offer a whole lot in the way of performance, but we’ll wait until we’ve run a few benchmarks before calling it for sure.

The 4GB of internal storage is rather paltry though there is support for expansion via microSD card. The lack of LTE support is also noticeable but we’ll forgive that this time as for most having 3G is quite a step up from no internet whatsoever.

At the back there is an 8MP camera which is actually quite decent when you consider that the LG G4 Stylus also has an 8MP camera and costs over R3 000 more. The selfie snapper is a much smaller 2MP affair but you can’t have everything for this price.

As with most handsets at this price point, particularly smartphones, you would expect the Pixi 3 to be a bit Spartan in the features department so even if it’s not a wonderful performer, it’s a forgiveable offence.

We got some hands on time with the Pixi 3 at AfricaCom 2015, and we must say it makes a good first impression. The 4.5-inch display is particularly crisp and quite clear, and belies the ultra-low price tag. This is definitely a handset to consider if you happen to be shopping around for a new smartphone, and your budget is in the sub-R1000 range.

The Pixi 3 (4.5) is available from today at Vodacom outlets across South Africa for R899 on prepaid, and R179 per month on uChooseFlexi 200.

[Source – Vodacom, Image – Alcatel]