Punch Club didn’t have a normal release. It wasn’t just a Rocky-esque boxing RPG that was released on Steam for you to buy, no no friends, that’s too simple.

Instead, the creators of the game made a version of the game that was played via input from Twitch chat. The clincher being that Punch Club would only be released if the hordes of internet strangers working with – and against – each other managed to complete the game.

And they did it.

Developers Lazy Bear Games detailed the path legion took to victory, which shows off just how varied the game can be.

It took you 36 hours to beat Punch Club. You managed to get a girlfriend, but you made some bad choices along the way. You went to prison, got caught dealing drugs, and then you took some drugs and managed to beat the game using the “bad” route. It took you 167 in-game days.

For 3 whole in-game weeks you were saving money to buy training equipment for your basement. Initially you went for buffing all your stats equally, but found passion for agility and that’s how you prevailed!

All in, 71 000 participants helped get the game finished and released. Apparently, the chat managed to average a completion time on par with a regular playthrough, with the exception of late game events.

If the sound of Punch Club gets Eye of the Tiger playing in your head, you can pick it up (complication free) on Steam for R109.

[Source – Punch Club on Steam]