Robot Wars – the glorious arena-battle show which pit robot against robot – is being resurrected by its owners over at the BBC.

If you’ve somehow never heard of this show, think MMA but replace an octagon with a deathtrap filled with rogue automatons and spinning blades and the fighters with killer bots that make the Terminator look like a fluffy kitten.

Started in 1998, the original show ran for seven series and captured the hearts and minds of every mad scientist and imaginative kid in the world.

To illustrate that, here’s a clip of Blendo, a robot built by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage before they became the Mythbusters. Blendo was so dangerous to his competitors and the audience that it was withdrawn and given co-champion status.

The new Robot Wars is being made for BBC Two, starting with six episodes of 60 minutes each. A new arena has been built to allow spectators to get closer to the action and everything is being turned up to 11 to benefit from the technological advancements made in the intervening years.

There’s no word yet as to when the series will be available in England let alone here in SA. Luckily, there are many local BBC channels broadcast on DStv, so there’s a strong chance we’ll get to see it.

If you need more destruction to tide you over, Robot Wars has a YouTube channel full of fights you can watch right now.  There’s also the American equivalent – Battlebots -which  is ongoing and creating new carnage to enjoy.

[Source – BBC]