Paradox Arcade Systems unleashed this arcade cabinet on the world recently. The creation’s highlights include maple plywood construction covered in vinyl (featuring everyone’s favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), 3D printed joysticks topped with the likeness of the turtles and washers that resemble manhole covers.

Despite the TMNT livery, this cabinet plays a lot more than games featuring heroes in a half shell: it’s covered by HyperSpin emulation software which lets it play a wide variety of older arcade games.

Tied into the game selection software is under-button RGB lighting which changes according to the control scheme needed. For example, Street Fighter II gets six illuminated buttons while Altered Beast only gets three. This is an ingenious solution to include all the hardware needed for various games, while ignoring what isn’t needed for certain titles.


For the authentic arcade experience on this machine, there are functional coin-op mechanics built in, as well as the ability to plug in light guns.

Looking back at the 3D printed joysticks, you may wonder why they all seem to feature Raphael, as all the bandannas are red.  As the creator correctly pointed out in a discussion, all the turtles originally had the red treatment, but this was later changed. It’s tiny details like this that give these projects their flair.

The last question is: does anyone have any tokens?


Want to see more? Click here to view the full gallery on Imgur.

[Source – Paradox Arcade Systems’ Facebook page]