ShowMax announced today that it will collaborate with MWEB to give customers who sign up for select 12-month contracts, three free months of ShowMax and ADSL.

Until the 31st of March, customers signing up for a 12-month MWEB subscription will get their first three months of ADSL free as well as a 90-day voucher for the ShowMax video on demand service.

Going forward, customers will be billed for the ADSL and ShowMax subscriptions, something to keep in mind if you were simply hoping to test the service out for three months before cancelling.

Pricing for the packages starts at R199pm for 2Mbps Uncapped ADSL, which is essentially the minimum speed required for streaming video. Pricing for capped packages starts at R145pm for 20GB Capped ADSL, which includes 20GB of night-time data. We should point out that these prices do not include ADSL line rental.

Before you rush off and subscribe, we should mention that for uncapped packages MWEB’s acceptable use policy (AUP) applies. Streaming videos can potentially use up a large amount of data, which can result in your uncapped internet connection being shaped or throttled to a slower speed.

Unfortunately MWEB doesn’t mention exactly how much data you may use before your connection is shaped and possibly throttled, so it’s worth your while asking MWEB about this before signing any contracts.

[Source – Showmax] [Image CC by 2.0 – Miquel Angel Pintanel Bassets]