ScratchBox is a new site launching on February 1st, and it’s doing things differently.

In place of the tried-and-tested “buy and sell at a profit”, this site’s goal is to take surplus working electronics destined for the scrap heap and get them to people who actually want to use them.

Umar Dockrat, co-creator of the site, explains:

I thought I was the luckiest person when I came across two lots of component stashes that were destined for the scrap dump. Within a few days of acquiring these components I realised that I have no use for at least 99.9% of them and this got me thinking. Firstly there must be many people and companies that have stashes of components gathering dust as they no longer have uses for them and secondly there must be a way to distribute these to a “good cause”… This is why I put together ScratchBox

Dockrat plans to sell out this initial lot of around 100 components for a very small, standard fee to cover shipping and handling. The exact amount will be announced at a later time and users will be limited to a certain amount of items, to make sure everyone can get access to the components.

Past this ScratchBox is looking for partners with hidden caches of forgotten tech to continue the business model. Anything that enters the inventory will be vetted so that the quality of items offered remains high.

As an idea, we absolutely love what this is trying to achieve. Anyone who has worked in IT has seen their fair share of electronics get thrown out despite being completely usable. Add in the fact that we very much live in a country where these items could get mileage, and ScratchBox may have found itself a very useful niche.

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[Image – CC 2.0 jon jablonsky]