The oddly named webcomic Cyanide & Happiness has become increasingly popular in the 12 years it has existed. Now, using a tool called the Random Comic Generator (RCG), you can make your own at the click of a button.

The RCG works by splicing together a variety of pre-made comic panels into a custom three-panel comic. While that may sound limiting, the sheer number of options here is staggering. A word of warning, however, many of the comics could be offensive to you, or not entirely “politically correct”.

This version is an improvement on the last RCG, as more panels have been added as well as the ability to “lock” parts of your Cyanide & Happiness comic so they stay the same the next time you hit the randomize button.

It couldn’t be simpler:

  • Type “” into your browser (or click here)
  • Click the “Generate New Comic” button until you find one you like
  • Alternatively: lock certain panels with the lock symbol above each panel. These will remain when you click the  “Generate New Comic” button.
  • Once you have a comic you like, either copy and paste the URl from the “Permalink” in a new tab to save or share, or click on the Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr buttons to share your creation on that network.

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s some comics we created. These took about three minutes and a few dozen clicks (and we left out the best ones. Which were also the crudest, most crass of the lot).

Cyanide-&-Happiness-RCG1 Cyanide-&-Happiness-RCG2 Cyanide-&-Happiness-RCG3 Cyanide-&-Happiness-RCG4 Cyanide-&-Happiness-RCG5