Remember when Luke Skywalker briefly used a blaster in The Empire Strikes Back?

That was the DL-44, the same model the scruffy-looking nerf herder Han Solo used, and it’s up for auction starting at $200 000 (R3 371 460) .

If you’re expecting an actual, firing, laser weapon for that insane price (as you rightly should), you’re going to be disappointed. The prop gun is made of coloured fibreglass and was used for non-firing scenes. Don’t be too beat up about it, the original lightsabers were made of some piping and parts from cameras.

The lot is available on the auction site Nate D. Sanders where it will be available to bid on until January 28th. That leaves a lucky (and well financed) Star Wars fan just over eight days to raise their hand. At the time of writing there have been exactly zero bids, but that may change soon.

Star Wars props and merchandise selling for obscene amounts is nothing new. Last year part of a serious collector’s inventory sold off for more than R7 million. Read that story here and hold your wallet close.