A crowdfunding campaign that was launched on Indiegogo recently promises a “smart baby stroller” packed with features such as automatic folding, phone integration and self-propulsion.

Called the Smartbe, the campaign is looking to raise $80 000 (R1 348 720) but, as a flexible goal, if this is not reached the raised money will still be collected by the creators.


The cheapest you’ll be able to snag one of these trick strollers for (assuming they ever get made) is $399 (R6 732); this is the “early bird” offer for the lowest-tier ‘Glamour” model of the Smartbe. While that is actually quite the deal, that model is missing many of the features listed above.

For the top-tier model kitted out with the best tech (including the self-propulsion), you’ll need to shell out $3 199 (R53 975).

Now for the bad news; South Africa is not on the official shipping list, so if you want one you’ll need to do some trickery involving overseas addresses. In addition, as with all crowdfunding, there’s the chance that this may not even exist, the campaign could fail, or the creators may never deliver.  Buyer be extra aware.

If all goes as planned, we could see this product being delivered as soon as December of this year. Going on previous projects we’ve crowdfunded, if that actually happens it’ll be a minor miracle.

Still, we can hope.

Should you have the cash for it and find the idea intriguing, jump right in but do it fast – there are only 100 “early bird” slots available at the time of writing.

[Source – Indiegogo]