Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has confirmed that four Vice Presidents have stepped down from their positions.

They include VP of Media, Katie Stanton, VP of Product Kevin Weil, VP of Engineering Alex Roetter and VP of Human Resources, Brian Schipper.

Early on Sunday Re/code reported that Stanton and Weil might be leaving according to inside sources. This, and reports from other media houses, prompted the Dorsey to officially announce the departure of these key executives.

“Given the inaccurate press rumours today regarding their departures, I’m addressing this now: I’m sad to announce that Alex Roetter, (Brian) Skip Schipper, Katie Stanton and Kevin Weil have chosen to leave the company”, Dorsey said in a tweet.

The CEO went on to say that during their five year stay at the social network, Roetter and Weil had grown advertising revenue to the $2 billion figure it sits at today.

To keep the social network running while replacements are found, Dorsey has said that Chief Operating Officer Adam Bain will step in to assist revenue-related product teams, the media team and the human resources team on an interim basis.

The Chief Technology Officer, Adam Messinger, will be handling engineering, consumer product, design and research, user services and fabric while a suitable replacement is found.

Three of the executives have tweeted their farewells to Twitter, wishing the company luck and expressing their excitement at what the future holds for the social network.

[Via – Re/code] [Image CC by 2.0 – Andrew Mager]