Intel’s women and girls development program, She Will Connect has just launched an online portal dedicated to educating girls in Africa about the internet, digital, entrepreneurship and provide a platform for personal development.

My Digital Journey is a web-based tool with gaming mechanics where girls from South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria can play quests to learn how to use digital technology to unlock opportunities at school, at home and in entrepreneurship, connect with other girls and women and be part of an online peer network.

After completing three quests, learners will receive a digital completion certificate. Each quest comprises between three and six missions and touches on the power of online communities, one’s digital footprint and how to learn new digital skills.

My Digital Journey is ideal for younger girls and those living in underprivileged communities where access to the internet and its tools are limited.

“This learning platform provides women and girls with a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and to access additional resources that support learning in a safe environment,” Intel Foundation President, Rosalind Hudnell, said in a statement.

“Gaining access to the internet enables women and girls to improve their self-esteem and expression, expand their social and political participation, gain new skills that enable them to obtain formal education, become entrepreneurs or secure employment, and get access to information and new connections within their communities and beyond,” she added.

My Digital Journey is still in beta version but an improved site will be launched soon.