ShowMax has announced that subscribers using an iPhone and iPad can now download movies and TV series to view at a later time.

The feature was first launched back in December but was only made available to users on the Android mobile operating system at the time.

By offering downloads, subscribers won’t have to have a persistent data connection to catch up on their favourite shows or binge watch the entire Game of Thrones series. This is good news, not only for the folks that can’t stand to sit in silence on a flight, but South Africans that don’t have internet access.

General Manager of ShowMax South Africa, John Kotsaftis said, “Not everyone has fast internet access throughout the day or can afford to stream using a mobile connection.”

“As long as you’re connected at some point, perhaps using a public WiFi hotspot, at work, or a night-time mobile data bundle, then you can still use ShowMax to get shows and movies,” Kotsaftis went on to say.

Subscribers will be able to download up to 25 TV shows and movies which will be accessible on the iPhone and iPad for up to 30 days. Once the subscriber starts watching the content they will have 48 hours to finish watching the show before it is deleted.

Don’t worry about never being able to download it again though, ShowMax says that subscribers can download TV series and movies as often as they want.

For those of you still deciding which video on demand service to use, be sure to check out our side by side comparison of ShowMax, Netflix, Vidi and OnTapTV before you start binge watching.

[Source – ShowMax] [Image – ShowMax]