Facebook’s user number is now equal to 23% of the world’s population

If you thought Facebook’s growth had reached it’s plateau phase, think again because the world’s biggest social network is showing no signs of slowing down. Facebook today announced its Q4 results for 2015, boasting some impressive stats that show just how much the service is growing.

Among the highlights is the fact that Facebook’s active monthly user number has now grown by 200 million to 1.59 billion. Its daily user figure grew by 148 million to 1.04 billion.

The number of people accessing Facebook via mobile also saw massive growth in December last year, going up by 21% to 1.44 billion people. That number covers all of Facebook’s associated apps as well as the 2G ‘lite’ version of the site.

This is particularly good news for a company that’s been putting a lot of work into growing its mobile reach. Some of its efforts have been successful (the introduction of Messenger and the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram), others not so much (Paper).


Total revenue from Q4 2014 to Q4 2015 grew by 52% to over $5.84 billion, while advertising revenue grew by 57% to $5.63 billion. To be more specific, mobile ad revenue increased by a massive 81% to $4.5 billion, and now makes up 80% of total ad revenue.

Overall, Facebook’s revenue last year was up 44% totalling $17.9 billion, and ad revenue was $17.1 billion, up 49% year-on-year.

The company also revealed the growth stats of its subsidiaries, as well as the social network’s most popular features:

Plans for 2016 include Facebook’s first test flights of Aquila, the first aircraft designed to beam internet into communities from the sky.

[Image – CC by mkhmarketing]


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