Japanese Professor Tetsuro Matsuzawa from Kyoto University once created a game to test the numerical prowess of the a chimpanzee named Ai. Now, you can play that game.

This was part of a project imaginatively named Ai-project, in which the ape was tasked with touching numbers on a screen from one to nine in numerical order.

When Ai-project was five, the game’s difficulty was increased: after number one was pressed the remaining eight numbers were replaced with blank squares, and it then it was a memory game too.

Now you can relive the excitement of this experiment without being an ape in a cage being experimented on – and maybe train your brain and have fun too, we guess. Developed by Smart MonkeyBeat the chimp replicates the more difficult version of the game.

It’s available, right now, completely free. Whats more, you can pick it up on Android or play it right in your browser. Unfortunately, those on iOS are out of luck this time.

So, here’s the real challenge: Ai was almost 90% accurate and managed a best time of only three seconds. Could we beat it? Nope, not even close. In our defence, Ai did have the advantage of experience. If you want to show off to your friends, the Android version has leaderboards.

The web version
The web version

We now await the inevitable game show: Are You Smarter Than A Chimpanzee? 

Play the game: