Researchers at BugSec and Cynet have discovered a vulnerability in LG G3 smarthphones that could allow hackers access through the Smart Note application (SNAP).

The bug – which has already been patched – allowed hackers to send a user a contact card with malicious JavaScript in the contact name field. Once this was saved to the target’s phone, hackers had unbridled access to the smartphone.

Now we know that these threats are a dime a dozen and while you may think that it will never happen to you, the video below shows just how convincing some of the phishing requests users encounter are.

As you can see it takes little to no effort for hackers to trick you into handing over private information. Of course the tell tale signs that the URL is not and rather an IP address should put you off but some people just don’t check these things. For those that think that’s bad it gets worse.

Once the back door has been opened the hackers would be able to grab information housed on an SD card including images, chat logs and any other information that is stored there.

According to PC World, the back door would also allow hackers to conduct a distributed denial of service attack. The only way to stop this attack once it has been actioned is to perform a hard reset on the handset.

BugSec has said that LG G3 users should download the latest, patched version of Smart Notice to insure they are not vulnerable.

[Via – PC World]
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