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Build an exoskeleton in your garage, lift a car, it’s what Iron Man would do

Remember that powerful exoskeleton that matt Damon rocked in Elysium?

Well YouTube content creator and mad scientist the Hacksmith has created his own, and he’s using it to pick up cars. As you do.

This project started out as an upper-body mechanism based on pneumatics that was able to curl to 275 pounds (124 kilograms), which its creator showed off on live TV. While some bodybuilders are able to pull of that feat on their own, the rather whip-thin creator could not.

The project then added legs with a new system that would allow anyone to do a squat better than Arnold Schwarzenegger, even as the Terminator. To demonstrate this The Hacksmith picked up a Mini Cooper.

And this isn’t the old Mini that you and a few drunk friends could pick up as a prank, it’s a newer model with a curb weight of 2 524 pounds (1 144 kilograms).

Okay, now for the bad news, just in case you had dreams of strapping one of these on and going out to fight crime. To power the pneumatics which give the exoskeleton strength, you’ll need to strap an air compressor to your back. You’ll only pull of a few Herculean feats before the air runs out and you’ll need to compress some more air into the tank before continuing.

Add in the fact that The Hacksmith didn’t actually lift the Mini right up (the front wheels were used as a lever, making the lift easier), and you start to realise we’re still some ways off from developing an Iron Man suit.

Speaking of The Invincible Avenger, the channel which created this has promised to recreate the below scene from the first Iron Man movie as soon as they are able to get to 100 000 subscribers. They’re currently sitting at just over 80 000, so we could see some heroics soon.


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