Telkom puts up R1m prize fund for SA esports league

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Telkom’s new Digital Gaming League (DGL) is offering R1 million in prize money to South African esports.

Unveiled last night by Telkom executives as well as famous international esports presenter Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner, the DGL – which replaces Telkom’s old Do Gaming leagues – will offer three different tiers of play for esports in the country, including a ‘Master Programme’ for the country’s elite esports players.

The DGL league and The DGL Masters programme is three tiers of play, ranging from casual players to the cream of the crop (the Masters Programme). Telkom said each tier will receive support in the form of improved connectivity and local servers.

The DGL Masters Programme includes eight clans that branch into multiple games at the highest level of play in the country. The teams are:

From left to right: Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner, the eight clan leaders, Enzo Scarcella, Telkom’s chief marketing officer

Starting in April, promotions and regulated play are going to take place until the finals, which will be held at rAge 2016 Johannesburg in October of this year.

Chaloner spoke about the enthusiasm and skill he sees in the country during his visit. After several jokes about the cricket (he is English), he ended his presentation with the following words of encouragement for South African esports:

The international esports scene needs South Africa, and South Africa needs the international esports scene.

Game on!

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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