Researchers at digital security firm Trend Micro have discovered that stolen Uber accounts are sold for more on the Dark Web than stolen credit cards.

The research, which was conducted for CNBC, reveals the prices that are charged for stolen account details on varying services. While Uber accounts do fetch a reasonable sum in comparison to other sites, PayPal accounts are the most valuable.

According to the report a PayPal account with a guaranteed balance of $500 can fetch $6.43 (R102.51). You can see how much each of your accounts could be worth on the Deep Web in the graph below:

“A stolen Uber account can be used to gain a better view of an individual prior to identity theft,” Country Manager at Trend Micro Southern Africa, Darryn O’Brien said in a statement, “or they can charge what CNBC termed ‘phantom rides’ to the stolen accounts.”

Cyber criminals create fake Uber driver accounts which the owner of the account is charged for. The #UberAccountHacked tag, reveals a surprising number of people claiming to have had their accounts hacked.

“I had SIX attempted rides from Johannesburg on my acct today! Get your shit together & protect our info,” tweeted one user after a supposed attempt to charge for a “phantom ride”.

Another user claims that despite never having travelled to Johannesburg, they have been charged almost R2 000 for rides in the city.

O’Brien went on to say, “Whether or not the stories on Twitter are true, it is fact that stolen Uber and other social media accounts are for sale on the Dark Web.”

Protecting your accounts is key to keeping them off the Dark Web according to Trend Micro.

Just like the security firm, we advise you to change your passwords often and never use the same password for multiple accounts, just in case. Better safe than sorry.

[Source – Trend Micro] [Image CC by 2.0 – Anthony Easton]