Mobile World Congress is only two weeks away, and almost like clock-work, we have what appears to be a series of leaked images of Samsung’s next flagship phone.

It’s almost an annual occurrence; somebody gets their hands on a sample model and plasters the images all over the internet. Who can forget the infamous incident in which an Apple employee “forgot” a new iPhone in a bar a couple of years ago?

This time, leaked images of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 which have been obtained by, shows off the front and the back side of what purports to be the S7. There have been a number of leaked press renders in the past, but these are the first concrete images to show the actual device.

[Image –]
Online publications that have studied the images speculate that Samsung might have swapped the S6’s 16-megapixel back camera for a more subdued 12-megapixel variety, due to the fact that the lens’s hump is smaller. Another telling aspect is that the photo above matches an image leaked by Evan Blass in the beginning of the month.

A second leaked image purportedly shows of the Galaxy S7 Edge, with its trademark rounded outer edges.

[Image – Weibo]
According to Engadget, “Weibo user JKwan managed to get the device running a benchmarking app that identifies the phone as an SM-G9350, a model number that was tied to the S7 Edge when it passed through China’s Compulsory Certification organisation.”

As the website notes, nobody should be really surprised that Samsung will be releasing a regular S7 and and Edge version, as it seriously underestimated the popularity of the S6 Edge when it launched last year.

On a side note, someone once told us that if you want to know what a new phone is going to look like, don’t ask the manufacturers – ask the smartphone case makers, as they have the templates well in advance in order to make cases and covers for these phones at their time of release.

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