Kickstarter just recorded its 100 000th successfully funded campaign in its seven year existence, revealing projects are now being funded faster than ever before.

In a post to celebrate the milestone, the US-based crowdfunding site revealed 100 interesting facts about its journey so far, along with a few memorable campaigns that have done well since being backed.

A photography project by Adriana Groisman called Falklands/Malvinas: One War, all Wars became the 100 000th successfully funded campaign on Sunday, raising $51 358 from 282 backers.

Screenshot (744)
Kickstarter’s 100 000th successful project

Nine million backers from 169 countries all helped the successful projects reach their goal.

These days, it takes Kickstarter just three days to see 100 successful projects, whereas just a few years ago, it took it 121 to reach the same mark.

In total, 86 101 creators have launched a successful project. Over 8 500 of those have seemingly had a lucky streak with more than two projects being successfully funded.

Forty current Kickstarter employees who have launched their own projects are among the successful bunch.

A handful of projects have gone on to receive internationally renowned recognition for their work with four music creators receiving a Grammy Award and one film project winning an Oscar.

“In the 6 years, 9 months, and 10 days since Kickstarter launched, much has changed and much has remained the same. It still takes tremendous courage to step out on a limb, and try to create something entirely new. But from where we stand, the state of creativity is more encouraging than ever,” Kickstarter’s Justin Kazmark and Andrew Nichols wrote on the company blog.

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[Source and images – Kickstarter]