Marc Andreessen has many accolades to his name, but now the Facebook director has the entirety of India looking on in disbelief after tweeting that anti-colonialism is a bad thing for India.

Andreessen took to Twitter to to express his distaste in Free Basic being effectively banned in India, tweeting, “Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades. Why stop now?”.

Before we get into the veritable Twitter storm that followed this tweet, we should explain why Andreessen even consider sending this tweet out.

Earlier this week the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India banned differential pricing in India. This means that mobile networks and internet service providers would not be able to charge users different prices according to the sites they visited.

Unfortunately this also means that services such as Free Basics cannot offer its services for free anymore.

Of course Andreessen would be upset by this but some might say that to posit that that India should just sit back and let colonialism run amok is offensive.

As The Next Web points out, anti-free market policies have harmed India’s growth more than gaining independence from the British did.

Of course, Twitter has reacted to Andreessen’s tweet despite him later saying that he is “opposed to colonialism in any country”. Perhaps he should have just said that to start with.

[Via – The Next Web]


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