The music industry might seem cheery and happy, but once someone accuses you of infringing on artists’ livelihoods, things can get nasty really quickly – just ask MTN.

The mobile giant has been accused in the past of not paying the appropriate royalty fees to artists featured on its online market place, and now Non-profit organisation the Composers, Authors and Publishers Association (Capasso) has served the mobile operator with a takedown notice.

In a letter, Capasso calls on it to “cease the use, sale and other exploitation of musical works owned or represented by Capasso members”. It has also accused it of withholding music sales data and money that was owed to songwriters and creators last year.

The opertator sells music through its CallerTunez functionality and its online store, but Capasso wants to put a stop to it by the end of today.

“Capasso seeks a commitment from MTN to acknowledge that MTN is the music storefront and as such, MTN itself is liable for the copyright use and undertakes to enter into a licence agreement with Capasso in that regard,” said Capasso CEO Nothando Migogo.

Capasso met with MTN on several occasions, offering a settlement that would see the mobile operator stop “deflecting its copyright liability” by passing it off to third-party aggregators.

According to Fin24, MTN responded last week to the allegations, saying that it would “settle royalties for the current period”.

[Image – CC by 2.0/elrentaplats]
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