If you’ve ever wanted to know if President Jacob Zuma kept to the commitments made in past State Of The Nation AddressesAfrica Check has the answers.

The non-profit data journalism organisation has sifted through the president’s#SONA speeches dating back from the first back in 2009 to examine whether or not there has been any progress since a number of commitments were made.

Using publicly available information, Africa Check looked up commitments highlighted by Zuma in education, water, jobs, crime and women.

According to gathered data, the commitment made to creating four million job opportunities by 2014 under the second phase of the Expanded Public Works Programme is the only one that has been fulfilled.

Those related to water are still in progress are scheduled to be met by the 2017/18 financial year, while those relating to education are still in progress, with many falling far behind their deadlines.

Commitments made to tackling crime and issues around women’s reproductive health have not been achieved with the number of police officials not being increased as stated and women and girls’ programmes remaining grounded.

You can read up on all the promises made and their updates on Africa Check’s website.

htxt.africa did a bit of digging as well to check up on a few key promises made last year and this is what we came up with:

#SONA2016 will be broadcast live from Parliament tonight at 7pm.

[Image – CC 2.0 by Government ZA]