Internet data in South Africa is so expensive it could almost be regarded as a commodity. So Telkom throwing around over a terabyte’s worth of data in its latest ADSL promotion is kind of a big deal.

The company announced the offering today, for customers in the Small and Medium Business Services (SMBS) market that sign up for a new broadband bundle contract. Along with their ADSL line, they’ll get an additional 28GB of free data every month, for 36 months. That totals over a million megabytes of free data – 1000 free gigabytes in other words – over the contract period.

Naturally, it comes with terms and conditions.

The deal starts at R249 a month for a 2mbps ADSL line, and includes a SoftCap data allocation of 10GB per month, in addition to the free data. Telkom said in a press statement that businesses that want faster ADSL performance will be able to sign up for the offer, but the deal will cost more depending on their desired ADSL line speed.

“We’re consistently looking for ways to bring big business communication functionality to our small and medium business customers. Access to affordable broadband and data offerings play a vital role especially for businesses that want to make that shift to digital communication from traditional voice-only communication in their operations,” says Thami Magazi, Telkom’s managing executive for SMBS.

When a small or medium-sized business signs up for the bundle, they will receive 28GB every month for 36 months, which is over a terabyte in data; they’ll also get a 10GB SoftCap data every month, meaning if they exceed their data allocation, they won’t be cut off immediately.

The base offer also includes free broadband access for the final two months of the contract period, a Wi-Fi modem and additional 10 GB promotional data (as per Telkom Internet’s current Double Data promotion which runs till end March 2016).

“In different outfits and across multiple functions – be it for establishing an online and social media presence, logistics tracing and tracking, e-commerce, online sourcing and ordering, research, access to cloud-based accounting and other tools or simply for just file transfer, email and other electronic communication – a million megabytes of data is sure to go a long way,” added Magazi.

This deal is available until 31 March 2016.

[Image – CC by 2.0/aNto]
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