Here’s something to mull over: if you had a two portals (two “doorways” in space time that connect two locations or points in time) and closed them in on yourself, what would happen?

People have been wondering ever since the game Portal was released in 2007, in which portal creation is the game’s central mechanic.

If you’re having trouble visualising it, here’s a gif of what it may look like from the outside.


A little dramatic, sure, but not very clear. What would happen to the person inside? What would that look like?

Thankfully, someone has put in the work for us and actually tried this out. No, they didn’t actually invent real life portals or wormholes to try it out, they used Portal 2 instead.

YouTube content creator CrowbCat (no real name given) created the experiment using console commands in the PC version of Portal 2, in which the above gif is recreated .

The results are, well, beautifully incandescent.

We’re not entirely sure what’s going on here. As far as the game goes, the programming behind the portals instantly moves the player character between the blue and orange portals. When they touch, the game may be in a state of flux, continously teleporting the character between the exact same point.

CrowbCat has promised to provide a download link to this soon, so someone with a head for such things could (presumably) dig into the code and see what’s going on.

As for this being a real-world experiment, it’s difficult to say if the mechanics from Portal match up to the physics behind phenomena such as wormholes, so it may end up just being a great way of creating wallpapers (several of which we’ve pasted below).

By the way, if you haven’t played Portal, it’s on sale right now as part of Steam’s Lunar New year Sale. Get it here for only R21.80.