With many a beloved celebrity dying this year, the joke that “George R. R. Martin is directing 2016” is doing the rounds. After watching the teaser trailer for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, 2016 looks like a children’s story in comparison.

Before we go any further, it’s only fair to warn you that here be spoilers. This teaser is only around a minute long, but manages to work a metric ton of spoilers into the running time. If you’ve not watched Game of Throne (especially the last season), turn away now and return after you’ve watched it. Go on, we’ll wait.

Are they gone? Okay.

This teaser focuses on the Hall of Faces, a location we got to see quite a lot of in Season 5. A particularly eerie place, the teaser takes us on a tour of the dead characters from previous seasons with choice quotes from each.

While not entirely inspired, the end is where it really gets interesting.

Yip, more characters will probably be getting the literal and figurative axe in the upcoming season.

That being said, don’t take this at face value. This may well be a fake-out on the teaser’s part, and everyone that looks dead here may make it through to the end. But come on, it’s Game of Thrones, and by now we know Mr. Martin and his tendency toward, well, murder where his characters are concerned.

And since the show has diverged so much from the books, even those of you who have read them cover-to-cover are in the dark.

Season 6 is scheduled to start this April. If you’re a DStv subscriber (and the release schedule remains the same as previous years), you’ll be able to watch it locally around the same time it goes live in the States, give or take an hour.