MTN has released a statement saying it’s made payment to the Composers, Authors and Publishers Association (Capasso) and all it wishes to discuss with that body are claims for non-Capasso members.

Just last week MTN was served with a takedown notice by Capasso because the network failed to pay just under R1 million in royalties.

However, according to the mobile network operator, there are discrepancies with the amount Capasso is claiming which have delayed the payment of the full amount. With that said, according to MTN, an amount has been paid.

“MTN made a payment to Capasso of the invoiced amount, less the duplicate claims. This amounted to R976 448.50 (incl VAT)”, the network said in statement to ITWeb.

The network has also said that despite claims from Capasso, it has declared all music sales data and earnings for 2015.

MTN will not comply with take down requests

Following the takedown request issued last week MTN has said that it will not comply with the request unless Capasso gives it a list of songs and artists that are to be removed.

The network has alleged that a number of Capasso members have contacted it and requested that their content not be removed.

“MTN has not or will not action the taking down of any content unless the composers themselves are amenable to this action. MTN has recommended that Capasso engage directly with their members in an attempt to resolve this,” it said.

All of this has the mobile network questioning whether selling content is a viable option for its business, and we have to say we don’t blame it.

[Via – ITWeb] [Image – CC BY/2.0 Photo Cindy]


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