Australian 3D printing reseller 3D Printing Solutions has created an impressive display to show off Polymaker’s filament: a 3D print that is capable of lifting a couple hundred kilograms (kg).

The print is based off the design of a scissor-style car jack and is entirely 3D printed in the PC filament. There are no metal or steel components here.

Once printed, the jack was tested out by lifting pieces of concrete, each 120 kg in weight. In the video the creators only braved two pieces (totalling 240 kg). We don’t know if the jack failed at larger weights or was never tested.

Now, as impressive as this is, we have to nitpick a little. First of all, because of the orientation of the experiment, the jack didn’t really lift 240 kg. Out of frame, one side of the concrete piece forms a lever, which lessens the weight applied to the print.

And, well, we’ve seen this before. Last year Hans Fouche from Fouche 3D Printing showed off a 3D printed car jack that actually lifted a car, albeit his print used non-plastics for certain pieces. While we don’t know the exact weight of that car, we do know it’s a great deal more than 240 kg.


[Source – 3D Printing Industry]