We may not quite be in the era of the hover car just yet, but transport technology is getting pretty futuristic.

Self-driving, app-ready, electric or transforming into a bike, the car is changing into something smarter and more efficient that’s constantly connected to the network too.

What does that mean for us as technologists, drivers and app developers? Good question, and one that we’ll be addressing in the next JoziConnect Session, which takes place at JoziHub in Millpark next week.

Ford's Kuda Takura.
Ford’s Kuda Takura.

Our guest for the evening is Kuda Takura, Ford Brand Manager and Smart Services Lead for Southern Africa. He’s the guy who’s responsible for figuring out how all the exciting tech transformations which are coming to automobiles will be deployed and developed in Africa. Ford itself has long been a pioneer in the world of connected cars, and was the first manufacturer to partner with a major software company to begin bringing the kind of personalisation and utility you expect from a PC or phone to your car.

Ford SYNC launched in 2007, and put embedded Windows computers in the dashboard of automobiles, long before in-car apps were a thing. The latest version of SYNC includes FordPass, which allows you to check your tyre pressure, open the filler cap and even start your engine from your phone. It’ll even help you find and pay for parking.

What does the future of personal transport look like, and how – as Joburg’s development community – can we get involved? Sign up here (tickets are free) and join us at JoziConnect next Wednesday 24th February to find out.

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