Bad news for all motorists with an etag who are paying etolls fees. The Gauteng government is set to raise etoll fees by 5% on 1st March, according to the Automobile Association (AA).

The fee raise was published in the Government Gazette #39695 released yesterday as part of the he Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project.

The AA said the news has not been made public by Sanral so far.

“No mention of any adjustments to the capped limit for tagged users is made in the Government Gazette. This announcement is the latest move by Sanral, which appears to be intensifying its efforts to secure more payments for the tolling system,” the association said.

“Once again we would have preferred Sanral to be more upfront with this information, and to try and win over support, rather than relying on other organisations such as ourselves to inform the media and the public,” it added.

Outa has already lashed out at Sanral and the Department of Transport, highlighting that the gazette includes increases across all national tolling routes.

“We are disgusted that SANRAL and the Department of Transport have this attitude and approach of continuously applying mandatory annual increases to all toll plazas in its growing toll network, whilst the use and income generated by the various tolling contracts have serious questions, about which OUTA is busy conducting intensive research and investigation,” Outa chairman, Wayne Duvenage said in a statement.

Below is a table detailing how much etolls will cost you beginning next month at all 47 gantries.



Sanral is yet to publicly comment on the matter

[Source – Wheels24, image – CC JMK]