First National Bank on Sunday rolled out what it calls a unified look across all of its online platforms, ensuring that the user experience over mobile phones, online browsers and tablets are the same – across all operating systems.

The feature lacking from Apple devices however, is support for TouchID. The technology from Apple allows users with TouchID support to use their fingerprint to login, instead of having to enter a password every time. FNB says this functionality is in the pipeline.

“TouchID will be coming to FNB’s app. We are pretty close (to implementing it). As time goes by, we will be announcing new things (and it could be included),” said Sahil Mungar, head of marketing at FNB digital banking.

The bank was quick to add though, that it all depends on how the devices and the mobile market in South Africa matures. “It is about brining clients what they want.”

But as the bank moves towards implementing technology for new phones, something has to give way, and in this case, it is BlackBerry and Windows devices.

FNB during the press briefing confirmed that it has stopped app development for BlackBerry and Windows platforms. “It all comes down to customer numbers. There are clients that use it, but its not a lot (to justify continued development).”

It said that a Windows 10 app is still in development, but it really depends on the demand.

“We are not ready to commit (to Windows 10), as the numbers aren’t there,” one of the app’s developers told htxt.

So it’s a strong possibility the Windows 10 app will never see the light of day.

As for BlackBerry, FNB is trying to push users of BB7 onto the mobi-site, but the BB7 app is still available in the market place – it just won’t be updated.

“There are no plans to take it down. If it works, people can still use it. Obviously some of the functionality isn’t there…”

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