After the immense success of survival horror game DayZ, many copycats have popped up on Steam to take a piece of the action.

One such clone is H1Z1, which was originally planned as a free to play title once finished, but has remained in Steam’s Early Access despite being under development for quite some time.

The developer, DayBreak, states that the game is still in early Alpha stage,which is supported by game breaking bugs and glitches reported by most players. Shortly thereafter, microtransactions were added to the game in the form Battle Royale, a massive deathmatch pitting players against each other with little focus on the game’s survival features.

Now H1Z1’s business model has become shadier still as Daybreak has decided to split it into two separate games which each cost R219.

Apparently, Battle Royale became so popular that DayBreak has released it as a separate game with H1Z1 : Just Survive focusing on survival, and H1Z1: King of the Kill becoming a full game spinoff of the Battle Royale mode.

This means that, if you’re late to the party and want both parts of the game, you’ll be paying for it twice. Early adopters who bought the “vanilla” version of H1Z1 do have access to both, so at least that’s one demographic of gamers that didn’t get screwed.

Unfortunately DayBreak’s underhanded practices are another example of Steam’s lax quality assurance (QA) with regards to Early Access and the online store in general. Despite being a multibillion dollar company, Steam’s owner Valve seems to have the same QA as a lemonade stand set up by the neighbourhood kids on a hot day.

[Source – Reddit]