Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, says many motorists in Gauteng aren’t paying etolls due to issues with affordability rather than because of civil disobedience..

Makhura highlighted this in his Gauteng State of the Province Address (#GautengSOPA) delivered in Sebokeng in the Vaal this morning as he talked on transportation and road works in the province.

“As you will recall, we reviewed the impact of etolls on the people of our province and this lead to a new dispensation that is currently being implemented with significant concessions,” Makhura said.

“However, in many meetings I have addressed since the announcement of the new dispensation, I have heard motorists who say that they are not paying the etolls due to affordability, rather than due to the fact that they are part of a campaign of civil disobedience,” he added. “So affordability is the issue, not civil disobedience or civil defiance.”

Makhura said the province has made efforts to make etolls more affordable through the appointment of the etolls advisory panel and the dispensation, as the main issue of the negative impact of the tolling system.

“We will continue to deal with this issue of affordability, honourable members,” Makhura concluded on the matter.

Members of organisations and bodies such as OUTA and COSATU would probably disagree with the premier however, as they’ve constantly lead major defiance public campaigns against etolls and rejected the introduction of the dispensation and its 60% discount, calling the system an infringement on the rights of motorists.