Folks interested in the future of Project Tango should watch Lenovo’s communications channels carefully over the coming months for details on the product’s development and an official release date.

That’s according to GM and VP of Lenovo’s Tablet BU, Jeffrey Meredith, who said the company intends to release a steady stream of information on its collaboration with Google, as well as elaborate on the partners who have successfully been accepted into its Tango app incubator programme, qualified for funding and won ability to get their app featured on the Lenovo’s first Tango powered device later this year.

Meredith was speaking to Journalists at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this morning when he confirmed that we can expect to hear about a new partner or detail on at least a monthly basis leading up to the release date of the product.

While he wouldn’t give any details on who’s on that list, besides for the obvious two – GuidiGo and Glympse – who were demonstrating their respective solutions at Barcelona’s Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya last night, he did confirm that there are some prominent gaming partners and retail partners in the mix.

He said that Tango is so diverse in terms of what it does and that it has applications that vary from being able to enable navigation in doors to measuring whether or a not a couch will fit in your living room.

“Our focus right now is on finding committed partner – those that are ‘all-in’ on creating great experiences we can launch with,” he said.

Meredith said it’s been an interesting journey and that Lenovo was expecting some truly innovative pitches.

“We envisaged would get some unexpected ideas, but we got more than a few.

“I suppose that’s what happens when you free up app developers to think creatively,” he said.

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