ShowMax has announced that there are now two more stores where folks without a credit card can purchase a ShowMax voucher – Game and CNA.

That’s right, as of today, Showmax vouchers will be on sale at 100 CNA stores and 125 Game stores. ShowMax subscribers have been able to buy access vouchers at Pick n Pay outlets since December 2015.

There are three vouchers for users to choose from, a one month subscription for R99, three months for R297 and six months for R594.

Unfortunately you aren’t going to save any money by  buying a subscription in bulk but not having to remember to renew your ShowMax subscription every month might be appealing to you.

“There’s a misconception that internet TV services are only suitable for the select few with credit cards and top-notch fixed internet at home”, ShowMax Head of Payments, Chris Savides said.

“We’ve taken a different approach at ShowMax and have taken steps to address the unique challenges we have in South Africa”.

Of these steps, is the ability for users on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to download up to 25 movies and series for 30 days. Once users start watching what they’ve downloaded they will have 48 hours to finish the movie or TV show.

ShowMax has just announced what subscribers can expect to be added to the service throughout March and if you’re sick of waiting seven days between episodes of your favourite show its worth a look.

[Source and Image – ShowMax]


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