The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) introducing vehicle listing as a consequence for not paying your etolls debt is absurd, Outa has said.

Yesterday at a press briefing, the Electronic Toll Collections company, which conducts etolls collections on behalf on Sanral, mentioned that motorists who have refused to settle their debt may face, among other actions, vehicle listing, which effectively attaches etoll debt to a car and not an individual. spoke to Wayne Duvenage, CEO of Outa, to find out whether or not this is a legal route Sanral can take.

“Cars do not run up debt. People do. Since when does a credit rating agency decide on whether cars can be traded or not?,” Duvenage said.

Duvenage added that there is no government listing of such a nature, except for licensing and noted that Sanral has now seemingly steered clear of not allowing motorists to renew their disc licenses as local authorities have no intention of bringing the toll defiance into vehicle licensing.

He added that trying to impact on vehicle trading as a result of the non-payment of etolls will never hold water in the courts as the scheme’s flaws are so easily challenged that they will not pass constitutional muster.

“Outa’s contributing members do not have to fear this latest threat by Sanral’s agents, as we will defend them in court, if they are ever summonsed for non payment of etolls. If they [ETC] bring this matter into the courts, we hope it will be against one of Outa’s members, so that we can at last have the collateral challenge against the lawfulness of the etoll decision heard in court,” he concluded.

[Image – CC Joe Gratz]