Keyboards, joysticks and Xbox Elite Controllers are great and all, but what if we told you that the next big innovation in controlling your game is the bongos?

Okay, not really. YouTube content creator Nick Robinson had “probably the best idea [he’s] ever had, which involved purchasing the accessory from Donkey Konga, and getting it to work as a controller.

His game of choice to show off this amazing innovation is One Finger Death Punch, a great little game with a simple two-button control scheme. Wait a second… bongos have two separate drums, it’s all coming together! As you may have guessed, each drum on the bongos relate to either the right or left directional keys which you need to play the game.

If you, like Robinson believe this will “revolutionise not the arcade, but the world” then you can follow his instructions to recreate the set-up.

You’ll need the Donkey Konga bongos drum controller, a Wii U GameCube-to-USB adapter, Wii U GCN USB Driver by elmassivo and the JoyToKey by JTKSoft.

The bongos, made for GameCube require and adapter to be usable over USB and then the USB driver so your PC can recognise them. After that JoyToKey will translate the bongo taps into keyboard input, which finally controls your game. Simple, right?