LG gives the Stylus 2 a boost ahead of MWC 2016

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We were not expecting to be impressed by the LG G4 Stylus when we got our hands on it last year, but we were, and now it’s getting a very slight upgrade.

Aside from a few upgrades to its specifications, the stylus in the Stylus 2 will no longer have a rubber tip. LG has instead opted for a pen with a nano-coated tip (whatever that means), which the company’s press statement says should give users more accuracy when using the stylus. How, exactly, they didn’t say.

The new handset has a few new clever features designed around the stylus making it more a part of the phone as opposed to a separate tool.

A new “Pen Pop” feature triggers when you remove the stylus from its bay, and will give users quick access to a memo and a bar code scanner. And much like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, the Stylus will also alert you when it senses it is moving but the stylus bay is empty.

The specifications of the two phones are very similar; the Stylus 2’s camera has been given a welcome upgrade and it has a bit more RAM and internal storage space compared to its predecessor.

LG G4 Stylus LG Stylus 2
Display 5.7inch capacitive touch (1 280 x 720) 5.7inch In-Cell touch (1 280 x 720)
CPU 1.2GHz Quad core 1.2GHz Quad Core
Memory 1GB 1.5GB
Storage 8GB (microSD expansion) 16GB (microSD expansion)
Battery 3 000mAh 3 000mAh
OS Android 5.0.1 Android 6.0
Primary camera 8MP 13MP
Secondary camera 5MP 8MP

As you can see, not much has changed and if we’re honest, we welcome that. Last year’s G4 Stylus was a very good phone, and we’re very glad LG recognises that.

Of course, given how good the G4 Stylus was, LG is going to have a hard time convincing owners to upgrade to the Stylus 2. But perhaps they can lure new users in with the promise of better Instagram photos and those all-important selfies, and maybe, just maybe, the addition of a new flavour of Android and the presence of more RAM will make it somewhat faster as well.

Because the phone hasn’t officially launched, there is no release date just yet but we should know more when Mobile World Congress 2016 gets going next week.

[Source and Image – LG]


Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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