Playing the Shadwen demo will reduce the game’s price and win you prizes

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Shadwen is an intriguing medieval stealth game that’s set to launch soon. It has players sneaking around gorgeous environments and silently eliminating enemies.

What may be more interesting than the game itself, though, is the way developer Frozenbyte is handling its free demo and launch price.

Right now, anyone can go and download the free demo from Good Old Game (GOG). Once you get into the game, everything you accomplish will be to a “Community Score”. The higher this community score, the cheaper the game will be when it launches.

At the moment, the Community Score is sitting at the arbitrary sum of 39365 with the launch price at an equally arbitrary $30.47 (R475.21). These two amounts are obviously inversely proportional, but we just can’t find the exact numbers which show the real relationship between the two.

The only bad news here is that the launch price is only applicable to, well, the launch of the game. In the small print on the Shadwen site, it states that the actual, permanent price of the game will be 10%- 20% higher than the launch price. This implies that the launch price can only fall to a maximum of 20% off the permanent price, but, again, we don’t have any firm figures.

As for the prizes, you’ll need to “Share your best moments” with the #FromTheShadows hashtag in order to stand a chance to win either a copy of Shadwen or “Frozenbyte related [prizes]”, whatever those are. Frozenbyte’s other games include the Trine and Shadowgrounds series, so perhaps gamers will win those.

As much as we know this is clearly a marketing ploy (just like Punch Club’s silly launch), we’re just happy there are still demos being put out for people to play. And not just demos, but free ones too (*cough* Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes *cough*).

Download the free Shadwen demo here

[Source – GOG]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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