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BBC: UN expected to rule Assange was “unlawfully detained”

A report by the BBC alleges that the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention will rule that Julian Assange has been unlawfully detained in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

In 2014, Assange approached the Working Group which is a panel of legal experts, to complain about the conditions he was forced to live in, stating that he was being unlawfully detained.

The WikiLeaks founder said that living in a confined space of 30 square metres with no access to sunlight or fresh air was taking a toll on on physical and mental health.

With various warrants for his arrest, extradition orders and a police contingent constantly watching the Ecuadorian Embassy, Assange was forced to either stay in the embassy or risk being arrested and extradited.

Despite Assange saying in a tweet that he would like to see all attempts to arrest him stopped and his passport returned to him, British police have said that the European arrest warrant issued for Assange would still stand.

This means that if the BBC is wrong, and the UN rules against Assange that he may finally leave the Ecuadorian Embassy for the first time in three years.

What exactly will happen should the UN rule in his favour is unclear as the arrest warrant does still stand as does the threat of extradition to the US.

Perhaps Assange won’t be leaving his safe haven for a while longer, but we won’t know until we receive an official statement from the UN.

[Via – BBC] [Image CC BY SA – Wikimedia Commons]


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