For four years companies have been using Tariffic to save money on their cellphone costs and today the service is opening its doors to everybody.

By uploading your most recent cellphone bills, selecting your preferred network and the handset you want, you can use Tariffic to find you the best deal around.

“The only way for consumers to get onto the correct cellphone package is to analyse their individual usage, as we all use our phones in different ways”, says Tariffic Chief Executive Officer, Antony Seeff.

According to Tariffic, companies save as much as 40% on average on cellphone spends, and for the month of March you too can probably save some money, for free.

From today to 31st March you can get a free month on the service worth R149 by sharing a Facebook update or Tweet about it on your profile.

Seeff hopes that this will empower consumers to stop paying more for cellphone contracts by giving them the tools to make an informed choice.

“You now have the power to find your perfect cellphone contract and not pay a cent more than you need. It’s time to stop guessing what contract to choose”, said the CEO.

As we’ve already mentioned Tariffic is open to the public from today. If you feel like you might be paying too much on your cellphone contract every month it might be worth checking out Tariffic, especially since it’s free for this month. What are you waiting for?

[Source and Image – Tariffic]