You should know by now that the United States Presidential Election campaigns are in full swing, and as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump edge ahead in the primary elections, some Americans are looking to hop over the northern border.

From a report on Mashable, it seems that at least a few Americans are not happy with the prospect of having Trump as their leader. After Trump won primary elections in seven states, Google searches for the term, “how can I to move to Canada” spiked by as much as 350%, as pointed out by Google Data Editor, Simon Rogers in a tweet.

Shortly before midnight the search term spiked at 1150%, with one of the states Trump has won – namely Vermont – clocking in among the highest number of searches.

Utah ranks the highest but tiny Vermont comes in a very close second.

It also seems as if the influx of searches from Americans wanting to head up to the Great White North has caused problems with the Canadian government’s website.

A banner reading “You may experience delays while using the website. We are working to resolve this issue Thank you for your patience,” is emblazoned on the site’s landing page.

It isn’t clear whether this is directly related to the increase in searches, but according to Mashable the banner was not there before Trump won the primary elections on Tuesday.

Of course rather than simply searching for how to immigrate and leaving it at that, US citizens took to Twitter to voice their moving plans.

At this rate it seems like Trump won’t have any Americans to govern, if he goes on to win the presidential election later this year.

[Via – Mashable] [Image – SA BY/2.0 Gage Skidmore]