Yesterday’s announcement by Discovery Vitality that it is adjusting the rate at which members earn reward points for exercising has certainly raised a few eyebrows across internetland. The firm says it’s changing its policy in order to help people get fitter, and also because its current system was open to abuse by users who were recording non-exercise movements on their fitness trackers. As part of the latter problem, the firm has reduced the number of apps it will accept as verifiable providers of data to ones it is confident can’t be rigged.

We’ve heard rumours – all unverified – of people tying fitness bands to dogs or just activating them by driving very slowly to make it look like they are exercising at a brisk pace. Discovery’s new app suite, therefore, is focused on measuring your heart rate while exercising and rewarding you for hitting exertion targets.

A few people have commented that the image of the heart rate table we uploaded yesterday was a bit hard to read. The original is available on Discovery’s site over here, but for your benefit we’ve included it below too. Careful. It’s quite big.


[Image – CC 2.0/Jerry Meaden]
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