While in most cities drone racing is an underground sport, Dubai is taking it to the next level with the World Drone Prix  –  a race taking place this March between 32 pilots from around the world to see who’s the fastest.

While we patiently wait for that to roll around, the organisers have thrown us a bone in the form of a promo video. While “regular” race videos are a dime a dozen on YouTube, here we have a humble little multicopter taking on  a McLaren P1.

While this is most definitely a staged event, it is quite titillating to think of multicopter racing reaching a level of competition similar to Formula 1.

We really hope that the grand prix takes advantage of the fact that the flying vehicles are exactly that, because following a course that’s bolted to the ground is boring. We want to see hoops and hazards floating around in the sky, closing obstacles that need to be scraped through at the last second and, hey, if they want to add combative elements like EMPs and weaponry, we won’t object.

You can catch the event from March 11th 2016… if you happen to be in Dubai. If not, check the dedicated YouTube channel for highlights after the fact.