Gaurider, the Gautrain app for iOS, celebrated two years of existence yesterday by launching a feature that allows commuters to monitor how much credit they have left in their Gold Card.

Created by Joburg-based iOS independent developer and public speaker, Litha Soyizwapi, Gaurider debuted on the iTunes App Store on 6th March 2014. It includes features such as fare information, bus and train timetables and mapping, as well as the ability to use it offline – handy if you happen to be underground.

Now, with the new Smart Log System and Smart GauSave Indicator, commuters can have a little more peace-of-mind while using the Gautrain.

“The Smart Log System came about after seeing a lot of people being embarrassed about not having enough on their gold cards,” Soyizwapi explained in a statement.

“If you do not have enough money on your gold card while waiting at the bus stop, the bus will leave you. I’ve seen a lot of people being left behind. I thought it would be great to create a feature for GauRider that would enable commuters to log their latest balance on the app at their check-in or check-out”, he added.

The Smart GauSave Indicator shows in real-time how much the train fare is, based on the current GauSave peak and off-peak periods.

“I’m really excited to unveil the second major release of this app. I’ve been using these features for over six months to ensure that they are stable and refined. I hope this version will add real value and delight my fellow GauRiders, so that they can have peace of mind,” Soyizwapi said.

Update or download the GauRider app for iOS from iTunes.