Everyone’s favourite Back to the Future spoof / acid trip cartoon Rick and Morty is returning for a third season “around the end of this year”, as confirmed by co-creator Dan Harmon at Magic City Comic Con.

Not only are we getting the show relatively soon following a great season 2, but it’s set to be 14 episodes long. If you’re counting, season 1 was 11 episodes while season 2 only clocked in at 10.

While we still don’t have an exact airing date and watching the show is something of a legal grey area in South Africa, we’ve got the next best thing. Several of the official Adult Swim (the network that puts out Rick and Morty) have dumped clips and supercuts of the show on YouTube for you to watch.

Luckily, they’re not region locked for SA, so you can get right in there. Remember that while the show only has an age rating of around 16 years of age, it’s definitely not something you should watch at work. Save the link and enjoy the carnage after five P.M. – oh, and if you’re new to the show we’d like to advise you that it’s definitely NSFW.

Below you’ll find three playlists from the Adult Swim and Adult Swim UK channels. While the first two are scenes from the show, the last one includes some sundry Rick and Morty goodness.

If you’re after more Rick And Morty-themed entertainment to scratch that itch before the show sees release we suggest you give the recent mobile game a wide berth. It wasn’t very good. It wasn’t very good at all.

And that’s the waaaaaaaay the news goes.

[Source – Inverse]