Only four out of ten (40.9%) of public schools have a computer lab, according to the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR)..

SAIRR released its monthly Fast Facts report for February, which focuses on the state of public education in the country and some of the disparities between performing and underperforming schools hampered by lack of services.

The Eastern Cape has the least number of school computer labs at only 10.8%

“Most schools are not well resourced and certainly do not adequately cater for children learning in an increasingly high-tech, high-skilled economy.” SAIRR said.

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“Clearly there are problems in education. Only four in 10 schools have a computer facility, three in 10 have a library, and two in 10 have a laboratory,” SAIRR’s Frans Cronje said in a statement.

“Racial inequalities in education persist, with a smaller proportion of African pupils passing matric compared to their Coloured, Indian/ Asian, and White counterparts. White pupils are three times more likely than African pupils to pass maths in matric,” Cronje added.

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The institute said the above table displaying vast differences in performances among race groups, can be ascribed to the poor quality of teaching and poor facilities in mainly African schools.

“Schools in South Africa are in dire need of fundamental policy reforms in order to improve the quality of learning. Failures in schools are the single biggest reason for continued poverty and inequality trends in South Africa,” the institute said, adding that allowing parents and communities to take more control of their children’s education are the only realistic policy option open to the Government.

[Image – Gauteng Department of Education]