While Telkom mobile customers have been able to purchase apps using airtime since August last year, Telkom has today announced open season on buying content through the Google Play store using airtime.

“We are thrilled to be the first on the continent to introduce Direct Carrier Billing for Google Play Store content purchases,” Chief Marketing Officer at Telkom, Enzo Scarcella told htxt.africa in a statement.

Direct Carrier Billing is an integrated billing service which means that you won’t have to input credit card details to make purchases through the Google Play Store.

Simply having the right airtime balance will let you make purchases via the app store.

Parents with young children should be wary though as Telkom has said that the service will also work on in-app purchases.

While buying lives in Candy Crush or renewing your Google Play Music subscription with one tap is pretty slick, you may want to keep an eye on the kids so you aren’t hit with a massive bill at the end of the month.

Recently – and rather quietly – Google gave South Africans the ability to purchase or rent movies through the Play Store.

New titles such as Jurassic World cost R149.99 to purchase and R34.99 to rent while older titles retail for R119.99 and rentals of older titles cost R11.99.

As we’ve already mentioned, you can also renew your Google Play Music subscription (R59.99) with your Telkom Mobile airtime.

The only question left is, what are you watching tonight? We’ll bring the popcorn.

[Source – Telkom] [Image – Google Play]